Daniel Bohr´s new production of Puccinis opera MADAMA BUTTERFLY  for Opera Bergen (in Norway) was very well received by the audience and the critics, who gave this new production five and six stars.

"Big success for MADAMA BUTTERFLY...The audience's favourite!...Flying high at the opera-premiere... Extremely touching production, and a wonderful soprano -the right person at the right place (Antonia Cifrone)... Powerful barytone (Anooshah Golesorkhi)... Very well played under the musical direction of Anne Randine Øverby...  Striking costumes by Dirk Hoffacker... A strong, symbolical, dramatic and effective mise-en-scene by Daniel Bohr. (Bergensavisen BA)

 Director Daniel Bohr has created an effective, stylised and extremely touching production... Antonia Cifrone sings beautifully, with a powerful dramatic expression... Anooshah Golesorky brings once again his powerful personality to Bergen... This MADAMA BUTTERFLY has everything one can desire... (Bergens Tidende)





" The Fall of the House of Usher in Daniel Bohr's i production is a real orgy of untold feelings and restrained conflicts, in an explosive depth which all melancholics must carry within... and struggle with."

"With Daniel Bohr as director, the Fynske Opera has surpassed itself and created an anxiously grasping and effective production ."

"The Fynske Opera's  extraordinary production underlines and increases the well-known magnificence of Philip Glass' fenomenal music."

"Daniel Bohr in The House  of Usher. The Fynske Opera gives Philip Glass a golden glance: This is the director's show. Together with his designer, Bohr has created an atmosphere of wonderful thrill, and his magnificent acting singers are powerfully directed."








The new production of West Side Story at the Ny Teater has opened to rapturous reviews. Those searching for an energetic experience need look no further.
West Side Story has been called one of the world's best musical, and for good reason. The story and the songs are as fresh now as they were in 1957 when Leonard Bernstein's music, Jerome Robbins choreography and Stephen Sondheim's lyrics came together as the foundation for this modern Romeo and Juliet. The Italian setting from Shakespeare's play was substituted for New York, and the rivalry between two noble families was transformed into a Manhattan street gang feud, with native New Yorkers fighting Puerto Rican immigrants on the other. The universal nature of the musical is also the main reason why director Daniel Bohr chose to put it on here: "It is about love, reconciliation, about reaching out between two groups in society," Bohr explained to Berlingske Tidende. "I see the conflict in West Side Story from the point of view of the immigrants, where most people would side with the natives," Bohr adds, suggesting that his own cosmopolitan outlook has given him an understanding that differences cannot be solved with aggression but with understanding. West Side Story has been staged here a number of times before, but this is the largest production to date. The newest equipment in light and sound is being used and fifty dancers, singers, actors and musicians take to the stage during the show.
During previews the musical received rave reviews. Berlingske Tidende's Jens Kistrup declared, "The Ny Teater's production of West Side Story is a great, great pleasure. A triumph of music theatre at a time when the theatre proper, as it were, fights for survival." According to Kistrup, Bohr's production is one of the strongest ever staged on Danish soil.
Jyllands Posten's Hans Andersen praised the actresses in the show and the Bernstein's emotional scoreline. "The highlights of the show were the famous dancing scenes, the energy-bursting "America," the Jets' body-sarcastic social satire and the ominously city lyrical ballet elements with fighting and knife battles," Andersen sums up. Politiken's Bettina Heltberg was more reserved, whilst admitting the production was very professional, if lacking directorial innovation. "Moving? Yes, if you are old or young enough," says Heltberg in conclusion, admitting to the everlasting appeal of the story.
If you love the show, do defy the language barrier and head for the Ny Teater for a classic experience.

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“The Sound of Music”
Det Ny Teater

Daniel Bohrs opsætning af én af musical-genrens absolutte tophits er et meget vellykket bud på, hvordan man kan skabe en livfuld og nutidig version af en titel, hvortil der uvægerligt vil knytte sig mange forventninger. Forestillingen på Det Ny Teater er skabt i en let scenografi, den er fuld af tempo, og endnu en gang elsker vi von Trapp-børnene, som den kække Maria gør helt menneskelige igen med sin sangglæde. Det er musikteater, der fungerer.

Foto: Jakob Boserup

De øvrige nominerede var:
"Det bli'r ikke med mig som Ofelia", Det Danske Teater
"Heaven", Odense Internationale Musikteater